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What or who is Pusheen?

Pusheen is an adorable cartoon cat that started off in 2010. Artists Claire Belton and Andrew Duff created Pusheen for a comic strip of theirs.

On the original Pusheen website, Pusheen the cat is described as being a female domestic shorthair who is grey and tabby.

People love Pusheen. They love that she is a cat. They love her tubbiness. They love her wry look. They love what she does.

Pusheen makes people feel happy and good. She is a real pick me up for anyone, even people who do not love cats.

We have seen Pusheen loved by guys and girls. Older people and younger people. People in almost any country in the world. Yes, Pusheen is a truly universal collectible character that people are drawn to in all walks of life. In fact, the diverse appeal is part of what makes Pusheen really collectible by anyone in any situation.

Pusheen products help people bring their love of the adorable grey fat cat to life at work, at home, at school on the bus or train, in the car and elsewhere as they go about their lives. This is what people love about the products, they can have the Pusheen cuteness and calmness anywhere and everywhere.

The products started off as plush toys. Now they cover a huge range including mugs, journals, pillows, art pieces, plates, pens, pencils, rulers, stationery, cards, photo frames and much more. Every product has a place and use. Ever6y product brings a calm to the room and that is part of what people love.

The best way to figure if you could give Pusheen as a gift to someone wold be to ask yourself:

  1. Do they want to smile?
  2. Do they need cheering up?
  3. Do they like to hug?
  4. Do they like cats?
  5. Do they like feeling good?
  6. Do they like cute?

Answer yes to any of these questions and you can safely buy Pusheern products as gifts.

Pusheen products are heart warming. Comforting, feel good and, well, truly adorable.

Here at cuteness overload we love all things Pusheen and will work hard to ensure we have the latest and best range of products for you to add to your collection or to give as gifts.

Thank you for visiting us.