Gudetama Blind Box Plush - Series 1

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Gudetama Blind Box Plush - Series 1 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Gudetama Blind Box Series 1 consists of 8 plush characters featuring a lobster clasp

1. Gudetama with bacon blanket
2.Sitting Gudetama
3. Egg on Head
4 Bacon wrapped
5. Sunny side up
6. Signature Pose
7. In shell Gudetama

Each will come in a sealed foil bag packed in a shrink wrapped plastic egg, so you don't know which one you are getting.

Ordering 8 boxes does not guarantee all 8 designs. Receiving duplicates of a design is possible. The design inside any given box is unknown (even to us!) and some designs are rarer than others.