Jellycat amusable pineapple

$ 49.99 AUD
A funny fruit friend for you!
For tons of texture and funky fun, grab Amuseable Pineapple!
Fuzzle and muss that scruffly fur and punky hairdo of minty fluff!
Delightfully daft, this roly-poly poppet is just the gift for a quirky birthday.
Get set for tons of tropical giggles!
Jellycat products are adorable, huggable, safe and comforting. Made from exquisite plush, each jellycat is packed with love and comfort that is appreciated by all. Jellycat is a perfect gift for any kids, mum, dad, yes, dad!, grandparents, friends and loved-ones. Jellycat provides people with opportunities for safe and nurturing hugs, which matter right now for sure. We love Jellycat and we think Jellycat will love those you give them to.