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Pusheen Showbag

Pusheen Showbag

$ 49.99 AUD

Take a look at the Pusheen Showbag! This purr-fect collection of goodies is famously available at Australian fairs such as the Royal Melbourne Show. It's now also made it's way to Cuteness Overload!

Included in this officially licensed package is:

1 x Pusheen Backpack (ages 3+)
1 x Re-useable Pusheen shopping bag (ages 4+)
1 x Pusheen Stamp Set (ages 5+)
1 x Pusheen Hair Brush (ages 3+)
1 x Pusheen Nail Art Stickers (set of 48) (ages 3+)
1 x Pusheen Bag Tag (ages 3+)
1 x Pusheen Notepad and mini clipboard (ages 3+)
1 x Pair of Pusheen Slipper Slides (one size - 24cm) (ages 3+)
1 x Pusheen Sticker set (8 sheets) (ages 5+)
1 x Set of 5 Pusheen Gel Pens (ages 3+)
1 x Pusheen Pencil case (ages 3+)